About us

We have been passionate animal lovers since childhood. We have been breeding parrots and parakeets since 1997.

With the Australian parakeets we have made the choice to continue with hand rearing of cockatiels and budgerigars.  Both species are very popular because of their playful and gentle character.  Besides the love for Australian parakeets, the interest for African parrots came quickly: mainly African greys and Senegal parrots, later followed by Rüppells and Meyers.  

After the first breeding results with these birds, we were soon tempted to also raise these babies by hand.  In order to achieve this in the best and most professional way, we have made a strict selection in our 'closed' breeding stock over the past years.

All our breeding couples are tested for 4 diseases: chlamydia, borna(PDD), PBFD, polyoma.  Your pet bird is raised with us in the most optimal circumstances: correct housing, adapted nutrition and several times a day contact with all our family members.

Thanks to this way of working, we can offer you a healthy "feathered friend" that you will enjoy for many years to come.

In addition to delivering a healthy and child-friendly bird, we also provide all the necessary documents: Cites, sex determination, health certificate, ...